My Favorite Sound is You

_My Favorite Sound is You_, 2015
My Favorite Sound is You, 2015

My Favorite Sound is You is a program of workshops, listening tours, talks,
installations and performances suited for short term micro-residencies.


The Galallery

San Francisco, California

July 15th - July 16th

My Favorite Sound is You is a series of events focused around expanded
listening, sonic adventuring and noisey experimentation. Over the course of two
days, sound artist Johann Diedrick will host three events: an analog noise
workshop on creating handmade sound electronics, a listening tour that takes
‘acoustic explorers’ to find sounds unheard and sounds yet made, and an artist
talk around his own investigations into reimagining our aural environment. The
programming is based on his past “micro-residency” where he made installations,
conducted listening tours, wrote software, made performances, worked on
documentation and make spontaneous, improvised and impromptu projects relating
to sound making.

July 15th - 7-9pm

Colorful Waves: An Introduction to Analog Noise and Sound Circuits

_Noise Throwies_, 2016
Noise Throwies, 2016

In this 2 hour workshop, we will take a handful of wires and resistors and
create cacophonous bleeps and bloops. We will work through three basic circuits,
making simple square wave oscillators, elevate to 8-bit sounding tones, and
graduate to a simple sequencer that you can use for live performances, public
installations and any other sound-related projects. This hands-on workshop will
provide tips and tricks for making your own instruments or interactive noise
machines, with time to experiment and customize as you learn about electronics
and sound. Prepare to get noisy and loud.

You don’t need to have any electronics experience to participate! Materials and
instructions will be included, and I guarantee that anyone will be able to walk
out of this workshop with something pleasantly squealing and shrieking.

Suggested total donation: $50 [$35 for cost of materials
+$10-20 sliding donation for workshop]

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July 16 - 11am, 1pm, and 3pm

Sounding Cities Listening Tours

Good Vibrations Acoustic Cartography Tour is an interactive listening tour made
to shift the way we relate to our environment through sound. The tour uses a
mobile listening kit that allows participants to tap into of the least audible
sounds of a city. With the use of the mobile listening kit, the participant can
tune in to subtle acoustic vibrations in the environment and explore the city's
cracks and surfaces. A field guide for urban listening directs users to acoustic
‘points of interest.'

The mobile listening kits are custom-designed, featuring hand-made audio
amplifier circuits and microphone. An iOS application allow listeners to record
their sounds with the kit and upload them to share with others. These sounds are
saved and displayed on a map for an interactive listening experience.

$10: 1 hour tours through the Mission District

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Sounds Like You Artist Talk / Happy Hour

In his talk Sounds Like You Johann Diedrick will present some of his past work
and delve deep into his Good Vibrations project: the project’s inspirations,
works that have influenced its developments, and some of the insights he has had
along the way. Afterwards he will present some new projects he is working on.
Happy hour to follow!!

More info can be found at the Galallery



My Favorite Sound is You, micro-residency as part of APA's Everything Without
a 'Real' is False
residency in Toronto, Canada.